Follow these 3 simple hacks to save big money on air travel

Traveling is something lots of people want to do, but it’s not exactly inexpensive.

Market research firm Destination Analysts reported that enthusiasm for travel has rebounded in time for the holidays. Many travelers — 60% — also agree that traveling is too expensive to do at the moment.

But you don’t have to let finances get in the way of your taking a trip. Forbes has collected seven of the best travel hacks for saving on flights. Here are three of them.

Hack #1: Book your flight on Sunday

The old advice about booking on a Sunday? It’s still true. Previous research from Expedia showed that you should buy tickets over a weekend, particularly on a Sunday. It’s also advisable to book three weeks into the month prior to your visit.

Hack #2: Travel internationally in January

If you’re booking a getaway to Turks and Caicos, hold off until the top of the year. Forbes reported international airfare costs are down 10% compared to June, which TripAdvisor has found is a popular month for travel.

Hack #3: Book international months in advance

A survey from found that some of the lowest international travel prices are found when booking further out. Flights to Canada and Mexico had the lowest fares two months before departure. For the best flight price to Europe, book even further in advance — about six months out.

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