Spotify’s new home screen design splits podcasts from your music

There’s a reason why Spotify is the most used music streaming app in the world. The platform not only gives you access to millions of songs, but it also gives you a reliable way of discovering new music thanks to its recommendation algorithms. If a playlist ends, it’ll continue throwing you songs it thinks you’ll like. We know this is something most music streaming services do, but no one does it quite as well as Spotify. Now, the service is rolling out a revamped version of its homescreen, with dedicated “feeds” that will help you discover new stuff on a whim. Spotify announced the new layout in a blog post, and when first looking at it, you might not notice many differences compared to the existing layout. What you will notice, though, is a couple of new, pill-shaped buttons on your home screen. These are where the changes lie. One is for “Music,” which will show you new releases and playlist recommendations. The other one is for “Podcasts & Shows,” and it will show you new episodes of podcasts you like and suggest new ones for you to check out based on your taste. The layout is organized in scrollable cards; if something grabs your attention, you can tap on it to read more about it. If you already have earbuds on, just hit that Play button and dive headfirst into it. Spotify says that this feature is currently rolling out to Android devices, so make sure your app is fully updated if you want to give it a spin. If it is, you might need to wait until later this week, or even wait a few weeks, for it to show up. The feature will also appear for iOS devices “in the near future.”

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