Hulu is strangely pulling support for some Android TV set-top boxes

Hulu has finally been paying attention to Android TV over the past couple of months with several updates, but there’s a negative side to that too. Recently, Hulu has been pulling support for its app from some Android TV models for reasons unclear.

Cord Cutters News has confirmed in the past couple of months three pieces of Android TV hardware which Hulu has pulled support for. These include the Channel Master Stream+, AirTV Player, and also AT&T’s Android TV-powered set-top box.

Hulu has not confirmed why support for these devices was removed, but AT&T’s box was removed all the way back in August when the app was first redesigned. Meanwhile, the Stream+ and AirTV Player were confirmed to have lost support just in the past few days. We’ve also found that the recently launched AirTV Mini dongle can’t download Hulu from the Play Store either, but Sling TV couldn’t confirm what the reason for that was.

It’s not confirmed, but more than likely, the removal of Hulu from these devices has something to do with Hulu’s Live TV service. Both AirTV models are essentially designed specifically for Sling TV, one of the biggest competitors for Hulu’s Live TV service. Further, AT&T’s Android TV box is designed for the company’s own live TV service. Lastly, the Channel Master Stream+ is designed primarily as an OTA DVR.

Based on that, it sure seems like Hulu is trying to block its service from platforms designed to compete with it. That’s especially evident considering these restrictions weren’t implemented until after Hulu’s Live TV service came to Android TV.

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