PetSmart Is Celebrating National Ice Cream Day By Giving Your Dog A Free Pet-Friendly Scoop

Humans can’t have all the fun. That’s just plain unfair. So this year, in honor of National Ice Cream Day (June 21), PetSmart is letting man’s best friend in on the action. They’re giving out free dog-friendly scoops to anyone that stops by with their pooch this Saturday and Sunday.

And while dogs aren’t exactly the pickiest eaters (mine will eat legit anything, even if it’s not technically edible), we should probably still talk specifics, huh? Your pup will score a four-ounce cup of “dog-safe” ice cream with a biscuit treat topping. Now as for the actual flavor, that’s undetermined. It’s probably not something your gonna wanna delve your spoon into, but to each his own.

The offer is valid throughout the weekend while supplies last at PetSmart locations with PetHotel accommodations. This isn’t a first-time effort, either. The treat is typically available as an add-on for Doggie Day Camp and overnight services.

I’m sure you were already planning to snap a ‘gram, because hello, major content opportunity! Puppies plus ice cream! But fyi, PetSmart is asking pet parents to share it all online with the hashtag #NationalIceCreamDay. Oh, and don’t forget to tag them, too. It’s the least you can do considering—your pet is getting free dessert out of this deal.

Since, personally, my dog is at my parent’s house in another state, I’m going to spend the day with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, scrolling through my camera roll of puppy pics. But if anyone wants to lend me their dog for the day, LMK!

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