No-shame money saving tips

Whether you’re in debt or your rainy day fund is dry, sometimes, talking about finances or facing them can be embarrassing and a lot of people often feel judged.

Our friends at The Penny Hoarder rounded up a list of helpful money tools that won’t make you feel bad about where you are, but instead will make you feel better about where you’re going.

They say the best thing here is that no one is making you feel bad and in most cases, you don’t even have to actually talk about it. The technology does the work for you.

First, if you need a loan or need to refinance or consolidate, there’s a company called Even Financial that will do the online homework for you. They search the top online lenders and match you with a personalized loan offer.

Next, if you haven’t been able to wrap your brain or finances around saving for emergencies, The Penny Hoarder recmmends an app called Digit that saves your money without you having to lift a finger. You link it to your checking account and its algorithms will determine small and safe amounts of money to put aside.

For banking without ever facing a teller, there’s an app called Varo Money that’s puting banking at your fingertips and it’s all done online!

Finally, because saving doesn’t always mean sobering, they also recommend a free app called Joy, which helps you save money and spend in a way that makes you happier.

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