Newegg’s GPU Bundles Are Back Until Feb 8

To help gamers ride out the current GPU shortage, Newegg has offered up three new bundle deals that combine Nvidia GPUs with a Gigabyte motherboard.

All three of the bundles offered this week contain the same motherboard, Gigabyte’s Z370 Aorus Gaming Wi-Fi. This is likely a better option for gamers than last week’s bundles, which used X299 motherboards, because Coffee Lake LGA1151 CPUs are in general less expensive than their LGA 2066 counterparts.

The least expensive of these bundles comes with a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce OC graphics card. Newegg values the GPU in this bundle at $500 and the motherboard at $160 for a total of $660. You then save an additional $30 for buying it as a bundle, making your final price $630. Nvidia’s GTX 1070 has shown some signs of recovering in the last few days, and a few models are available around $500, though they remain in short supply. Overall the GTX 1070 bundle is a decent deal, but there are a few other options out there if you look around.

The second bundle includes a GTX 1080 and bumps the price up to $770 after discount, whereas the third bundle utilizes a GTX 1080 Ti and rises to $1,030 after discount. Currently most GTX 1080s are selling for around $1,000, and most GTX 1080 Ti cards are hovering around $1,200. This makes both bundles a no-brainer if you want a GTX 1080 (or its souped-up big brother) and can’t wait for the shortage to subside.

It should be noted that all three bundles are still priced considerably higher than they would be if there wasn’t a massive shortage going on. Given the circumstances, however, they are worth considering and may be the best option for gamers at the moment. Like last week’s bundles, these are likely to sell out soon, so don’t hesitate if you need a new GPU and motherboard. The bundle deals expire at 11:59pm PT on February 8.

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